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Facebook Timeline for Pages is great for artists!

Facebook Timeline for Pages is great for artists!

When Facebook introduced Timeline for Pages on the 29th of last month, I got all excited! I won’t lie, I’m a huge fan of social media in general, and I’m not likely to respond negatively to any one of them, but I’m a particularly big fan of Facebook. I loved Timeline when it came out for profiles – enough to sign up as a developer to get early access. Granted, I like puttering about with Facebook apps, so it wasn’t a complete scam.

Ever since, I’ve been hoping Timeline would be available for pages, because it opens the page up to a lot more visually attractive displays. Especially for artists, it’s a great asset. It also helps me to tell my artistic story and visualise my journey as an artist. I’ve been putting up older drawings, and by doing so, I surprised even myself with the progress I’ve made over time and it helped me appreciate the things that I’ve achieved. It’s a nice reminder of all that is good about my art.

Anyway, I’ve done up the page to the best of my abilities. It still needs some tweaking, but I think it’s a good start. Go like my page and tell me what you think!


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