As you know, or should know, I am a digital artist. Meaning I make digital paintings. Several things come into play when you’re making a digital painting: your skill, colour, equipment, software and brushes. Brushes, in this case, are settings in your software that you can use to imitate a style.

Part of my success is caused by other people’s fabulous brush-settings. On occasion, I might set up my own brush, but most of the time I use other people’s textures and presets.

Here are a few Photoshop brushes you can download:

One that I haven’t actually used yet, but that looks really amazing, is by NatalieHijazi.

It looks like a brush that is perfect for drawings in which line is very important. You can download it here.

Some stunning texture brushes by Yumedust are ones that I use mostly on things like fabric, but they can easily be used on faces, as well. Download here.

Something that can be really time consuming is painting clouds. A good brush can help with that and luckily, Para-vine has made some awesome ones. You can download them here.

One that I use most and just had to look for an eternity to find, is a fantastic set by Adonihs. It really has every brush you need to create anything you’d ever want to create. I mostly use the general brushes though. You can download the set here.

I very recently looked for good pencil like brushes for a project and found a good set. Download here. (direct link to the file as it’s a bit unclear on the website itself)

Basically, those are all I’ve ever used. I hope they can be helpful to you, too.

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