Digital painting offers no limits in style you can use. True, you have to have some form of artistic insight and talent, but a good digital artist should be able to create any style they like. So, if that’s the case, how do you set yourself apart as an artist?

For me, the biggest part of my style(s) is created by the brushes that I use. In a previous post, I linked you to other people’s brushes that I use. Today, I’m going to show you some of mine.

These are the brushes that I’ve been using most for my last couple of paintings. I’m constantly experimenting and make new brushes very often. Here are four Photoshop brushes that I’ve been using a lot:

  1. Standard hard brush
    This is the brush that I use for most of my basic painting. I block out all the colours, blend, shade and do highlights with this brush. Then later, I use it for detailing, at a smaller size.
  2. Smooth blending brush
    This brush I use to blend, especially when painting skin. The texture also works really well for hair and fur and fine fabrics. Don’t use it too small, the effect well be lost.
  3. Rough texture brush
    Big painting? I use this to block out big areas, especially in backgrounds. I almost always end up blending and blurring it or painting over it, unless I’m feeling really brave. Really great for rougher paintings and landscapes.
  4. Soft pattern brush
    Like brush number three, but much smoother, finer and softer. I use this for skin and fabrics when I’m not feeling brave enough for brush three. Blends really nicely. Don’t forget to erase edges, this one is a bit messy.

Download the brushes… Oh, you get one extra that I totally forgot about. Lucky you.

Please consider donating a little money for these brushes. It’ll help me host the site and help me save for a Wacom Cintiq 24 HD so I can make more awesome art (and brushes). When you check out, you’ll receive an e-mail with your download link.

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