Done is better than perfect is one of the things Facebook believes in (the quote is plastered on the walls of their new offices). But as an artist and a perfectionist, this is something that is really hard for me to live by, even though I wish I could. I find myself puttering and tinkering with the smallest details of my paintings, trying to make the colours just a little bit richer, the lines a little smoother and perhaps the stitches on fabric a little more detailed.

Yet the best (or at least most interesting) of my pieces are the ones that I’ve left unfinished or more stylistic. This is backed up by the fact that they almost always get more likes on  Facebook and more reblogs on Tumblr. Often to my own annoyance, because after all,  I’ve worked my butt off to bring more details into the finished piece.

Clearly, my life is insanely complicated. I’ve been looking for an article that a fabulous artist wrote about the art of omission. It’s not actually called that, but I would call it that. It looks into the illusion of something you have to create as an artist by leaving things up to the viewer’s imagination. I’ve not yet mastered the technique. I’ll post another entry when I do find the article.

My most recent frustration in the ‘done is better than perfect’ department was over this piece (it’s not perfect, so it’s not done):

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games


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