On April Fool’s Day, I posted this status update on Facebook some time in the morning. I hadn’t planned on doing it, because I have never quite managed to pull off a joke without everyone instantly knowing it was made up. But I decided to do it on a whim. I tagged Warner Bros. in my post to make it extra convincing and without spending too much time on the wording, hit send.

Now, I’ve never gotten this many likes on anything I’ve ever posted on Facebook. 64 likes! I have 646 frirends on Facebook. That’s 10%! Even though the first comment was one that questioned the authenticity of the message, the rest were all basically encouragements and congrats.  It’s the most flattering response I’ve ever gotten. Even after I’d outed the joke, people were still falling for it.

You better not be kidding, because this should be true.

Those kind of messages just warmed my heart. So, does anyone know anyone at Warner Bros.?

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