I recently made a step by step that showed you how to install brushes in Adobe Photoshop. However, that tutorial focuses on brush files (.abr files) and Photoshop also has another way of importing brushes: Brush Presets (.tpl files)

So here’s a little how to for that.

Step 1

Save your downloaded files to an easy to find folder on your computer.

Step 2

Select the brush tool in Photoshop (often the B key).

photoshop brush

Step 3

Click the arrow to the right of the brush icon at the top menu and then click the arrow on the top right of the box. Then select Load Tool Presets. Make sure you have Show All Tool Presets selected in the list as well.

load tool presets

Step 4

Find the brushes you’d like to import (.tpl files) and select them and press load.

Loading brushes

And you are done. Unlike the .abr files, these will show up in the window shown in step 3. They’re linked to tools in Photoshop, ┬álike brushes, but they can also be different things, like erasers or smudgers. All these tools have settings you can play with and these presets can help you use them in different ways. In my next post, I’ll give you some great Brush Presets resources. Hope you find this useful.

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