Art with a story: Stevie Nicks for Harry Styles

Sometimes, I paint just because I need something to do. As a reminder that there is something I’m really good at. Other times, there’s more of a story behind it or something that’s happened that causes me to paint a person. I’ll be sharing some of these stories with you on my blog.

Painting Stevie Nicks

This painting of Miss Stevie Nicks has a story. I could have just painted her because I am a big admirer of her work, having grown up listening to Fleetwood Mac and to this day still really enjoying that, especially the Rumours album. I’m less familiar with her solo material, but the things I’ve heard, I like, as well. But that’s not the reason I painted her (though it certainly increased the fun).

I’m sure you all remember when I met One Direction? That was special. Specifically, Harry Styles, because he turned the tables and made me sign an art book that I gave to him, even though my name and my card were in there. He made me feel like I was someone special. Someone talented. It was a small gesture with an incredibly big impact. It solidified my admiration for him as a person (I’d been a general One Direction fan before that moment, liking them all equally).

To this day, I don’t know if he liked the art that I gave him because he and his bandmates get drawn all the time and I think you can only like so much of it before you kind of get sick of your own face. It doesn’t matter, though, because his kindness felt real, and that’s enough for me.

After that, I felt so incredibly grateful that I wanted to find a way to say thank you. But how exactly, do you thank someone who gets thanked every day for just existing, and how can you make it mean something? The only way I know how to do that is through my art. So I started thinking: what could Harry Styles possibly like? He collects modern art, but what I do isn’t exactly modern art (apart from the format, obviously), so I couldn’t exactly please him with that. What else? And then it hit me…

An idol for an idol

In several interviews, Harry has been asked about his musical inspirations and idols and has revealed in Another Man Magazine that one of them is Stevie Nicks.

That was my Aha moment. Or Eureka moment. Whichever. I suddenly realised that I could paint someone I love, and Harry Styles loves, and give him that. An idol for an idol. I started painting, really enjoying myself and pushing some boundaries for myself in terms of style and texture, striving to make it creative and more artistic and… well, almost a little raw because that’s how I felt at the time. It turned out great, better than I expected despite the difference in style from my usual work. Whether Harry Styles would like it or not, I, at least was pleased and so excited to try and get it to him. I had it printed on a large format, and it looked even better than on my computer. I was ready to give it to Harry Styles.

What a great idea, I thought. And it is, in theory. It would be if it were easier to reach him, or his team. Up to this point, I’ve not succeeded. But you know me… I’ll be seeing Harry in concert when he comes to Amsterdam in November. Reckon I’ve got a little time to set up a meet…

Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks

Last night, Harry Styles played the Troubadour in Los Angeles. It was a surprise gig, tickets were $20 and all proceeds were donated to charity. Just a week after the release of his debut solo album (titled ‘Harry Styles’), he was up on one of the most famous stages of LA and welcomed none other than Miss Stevie Nicks onto the stage with him.

They sang three songs together, one of his, two of hers. What a legendary thing to happen so early in this boy’s career… Very pleased for him. Below is Landslide (Fleetwood Mac).

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